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Start feeling like the new ALPHA you!

Helping you “Become Your Alpha YOU”


But if you’re expecting a relaxing weekend of life reflection and a G&T every 30 minutes, you might want to speak to a travel agent. When Alpha Female Academy goes on retreat,¬†WE GO TO FIND OURSELVES!

I hear you asking how?

We set off at the crack of dawn

We head to the Drakensburg

We hike, climb and explore!

We talk, listen and bond!

And then your journey really begins…

Picture this…

We set off at the crack of dawn with nothing but a backpack filled with some water, food and a sleeping bag. Spirits are low – you are surrounded by women who are yearning to be heard and understood. They want to understand themselves. They want to rediscover their identities and fall in love with their lives again.

Off we go on the most incredible journey of discovery through the Drakensberg.

You hike. You climb. You see the most astonishing beauty in nature, completely untouched. You talk. You listen. You make friends and you realise that you are not alone in your plight to finding who you are again. You are tired, but the further you walk, the more you start finding what you are looking for…


We get to the cave where we will spend the night. We make a fire, sit around it and we start digging deep to find out what the underlying issue is in each of us – we look for the “WHY” – why have you come on this journey? This night is the one that will change EVERYTHING. Whatever you are looking for – you will find, because YOU have the answer.


The workshop is over and you go to sleep in your sleeping bag in this immense cave somewhere in the mountains. You have never felt so present before. In the silence of nature, you have the best sleep you have had in years. You wake up to a breathtaking sunrise and as a team, a family, we make our way back to the camp. This time, everyone walks a little more silently. We take in our surroundings as if we are seeing them for the first time – because our heads are clear, and our hearts are open to life again.


We spend the night doing a reflection and round off workshop at a beautiful hotel. The food is beautiful, the drinks are cold and the beds are super soft. When we all head home the next morning, we leave with defined identities, a sense of massive accomplishment and uninhibited inner peace.

Our retreats are designed to push you in every way. Mentally, physically and emotionally. You will cry, you will learn and you will GROW.

Sound fun? Damn right, it does!

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