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The coaching industry is all about changing lives, and that’s something that I am a firm believer of. I started this journey because I wanted to make a difference. For every 10 clients who walk through my doors, I will gift 2 sessions to ladies who need change (1 session per person). If you would like to be considered, you can sign up to our waiting list by subscribing to our newsletter below.

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Keynote Speaking

Because I describe myself as FEARLESSLY FEMALE, my topics are focused on how to help women be their best in a variety of ways. Keep your eyes on my Facebook page and keep up to date with all of my keynote events.


When I first started down my path of personal development, I had a million questions. I wanted to know everything and I wanted to put it into practice yesterday. The events and workshops that I put together for my clients aim to satisfy this exact type of “information craving” that you will most likely also encounter.

How It Works


“Beginning today, set an intention and a relentless focus on living your life as the greatest person you can be, in all situations.” – Brendon Burchard

Alpha Females can look forward to various workshops and practical insights to help take their personal, relationship and business goals to the next level.

Alpha Female Academy holds various coaching workshops throughout the year that are a must for anyone who wants to be part of our enthusiastic pack of driven, alpha women.

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Book Alpha Female Academy’s pack leader, Amy Theron as a Keynote or Guest Speaker for your event, conference or summit!

  • Amy will research, mould and capture the essence of your event and be able to highlight key messages to your audience in a short period of time.
  • Using humour, her no-nonsense, get-to-the-point tone, and audience participation, Amy will weave your message into her programme in a memorable and fun way.
  • Keynotes are usually 45 minutes in length but may vary depending on the topic.

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