Every person has a story – it’s what makes us all unique. It’s also what connects us to other people.

She wakes up, and sighs… Another day.

Another day where she feels unsure of who she is.  She used to love herself and knew who she was.  She used to be driven, focused and determined…

Now, she wakes up with a sigh.

But what got her to this point?

  • Divorce?
  • Being a new mother?
  • A failed business?
  • Family problems?

She sits on the edge of her bed and hears her baby crying in the next room.  She lives alone because her husband works away from home.  He’s in construction and it’s what he HAS to do to take care of the family.

She closes her eyes and tells herself that she needs to stay calm with the baby.  He kept her up most of the night, and she is beyond exhausted.

She whispers quietly… “I hate my life”.

Believe it or not, the above tale is MY story.

It’s exactly where I was 2 years ago.  I was on the verge of divorce, with a business that was busy dying and had to look after my first child all alone, while still dealing with the maintenance and running of a 4-bedroom house.  My family lived 1000 km’s away which means I was completely alone and trying my best to keep my head above water.

It was on this exact day – the day that the above story is based – that I knew there had to be a better way.  That day I did as much research as my time would allow.  I made phone calls and tried to put together a plan that would help me long term.  The problem that I found, was that there wasn’t a single platform for me to go to – one that would cover the life coaching that I needed to build up my confidence and to move past my limiting beliefs – as well as help me with my business.

And this is where Alpha Female Academy was born.  I couldn’t find it – so I created it.

Alpha Female Academy has been a culmination of the knowledge that I have gathered in my career with owning 6 different businesses in various industries.  I also wanted to provide the emotional and mental support that women need when becoming new mothers, having to deal with being a wife, a mom, a boss and still trying to hold on to themselves.

My journey has been one where I have had to dig deep within myself to overcome my own limiting beliefs, rediscover myself and my value and learn how to love myself again.  Couple that with my extensive experience in business, and you’ve got the perfect mixture of what a coach to women should be.

There is no greater reward for a woman than being her own hero.  And that is what Alpha Female Academy is based on – you already have all the answers…

I’m just here to ask you the important questions